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Hi, I'm Jay. I spent many years in financial ruin, and I never want to return. Luckily, most of my financial mishaps were in my early 20's. I have since become very interested in personal finance and investing. I have spent years researching, plotting, and planning ways to save money and make money.

When I started my financial journey, I had nothing but a little bit of intelligence, and a lot of common sense. It is a common misunderstanding that you must have a lot of money to make a lot of money. Not true! A little can go a long way if properly planned. I am no millionaire... not yet anyways. Follow me on my journey, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.

I must make it clear that anything I post on this blog, is for informational/educational purposes only. I am not a financial adviser, and you should always research on your own and/or consult with a professional adviser before doing anything. All opinions on this blog are mine and mine only. I am not being paid for any idea or opinion on this blog.

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  • The price multiple

    P/E ratio… a value investors first clue. At least for me it is. If the P/E of a company I’m interested in, is not under the industry average, I will not look any further into the company. The P/E is… Read More ›

  • The value of saving for retirement

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